E-Cigarette Tanks – What You Need to Know

cartomizer_detail_topPuchasing e-cigarettes can be very confusing; trial and error at it’s best. But purchasing a tank? What is a tank? What does it do? Why do I need it? While researching, I found some information on e-cig tanks, though there weren’t a plethora of information, what I have found is definitely helpful to those who are beginners.

Most common tanks for e-cigarettes:

Atomizers- heating element only. Drop 2-5 drops of your e-liquid directly onto the heating element at a time. This is a three part tank system. It connects with battery to produce vapor.Now, while the tank is bigger, it’s only able to hold 1-1.5 ml’s of liquid.

Clearomizers- this heating element is enclosed within a tank, and e-liquid is fed to said element using wicks.

Cartomizers- the heating element is wraped in an e-liquid soaked polly-fill.

Tankomizers- this is a cartomizer that sits inside of a bigger tank of e-liquid. A hole inside the cartomizer allows e-liquid inside to keep the heating element soaked.

Tank Cartos- are just over-sized cartomizers. They are able to hold 5 ml’s of juice, and are currently in th double coil fashion. A double coil have a second one added to the grounding wire, giving an experience of lower resistance vapor without torching the filler as easily. The downside to a dual coil system is that they use twice the amount of power as one coil, resulting in a shorter battery life.

Carto Tanks- are two piece systems turned into three parts. The carto is punched so that e-liquid is pulled from the tank via a vacuum effect when taking a puff. They are far more complicated to fill than tank cartos, but it has an added benefit of being able to see when it needs to be refilled. This tank can also be reused.


Now, obviously tanks are not needed ondispoable e-cigarettes you find at gas stations, these are for serious connoisseurs.

I hope this information will be helpful for your e-cigarette puchasing.